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Birding Then and Now – Red Knot

Yesterday was International Vulture Awareness Day. Today is World Shorebirds Day. It’s hard to keep up with all the conservation events out there, but I like the idea that the Red Knot has been selected to be the 2015 “Shorebird of the Year” – as hokey as that sounds. I saw Red Knots once as a kid, circa 1969, either at Cape May or Cape Cod. I wish eBird had been around 50 years ago so I could retrieve details from it to refresh my memory! Several migrating Red Knots have been reported in northern Ohio since mid-August. So they do pass through my current whereabouts Continue reading

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Link Blog – August 21, 2015

To Decode Elephant Conversation, You Must Feel The Jungle Rumble : NPR 082015 Elephants are extraordinary animals. Their formidible size, loud stamping and trumpeting make them hard to miss. But Katy Payne discovered that an elephant’s audible calls are just … Continue reading

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Naturalist-Writers: Vern Laux on Cape Cod Shorebirds

I discovered Vern Laux last spring when one of his weekly bird reports from Cape Cod showed up in my bird migration news alert. He is a naturalist and writer as well as a broadcaster at WCAI-FM on the Cape. Not only can you read his elegant, informative prose – you can hear him read it, too. I try to listen to him on WCAI’s live stream every Wednesday morning about 8:45 EST. It’s also available as full text or audio on demand. To my ear, it’s the best bird feature I have heard on public radio. Continue reading

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