Link Blog – August 31, 2015

  • Nature Watch: Rattled by the sounds animals make at night | lehighvalley 083015
    Arlene Koch: “One day last week my husband David and I drove to Lansdale to visit a bakery we’d heard about. Normally, buying baked goods in a mall store in the middle of a town would have nothing to do with nature. But as I stood by the store’s front windows, a ruby-throated hummingbird suddenly appeared and hovered for about a minute in front of a flashing red “Bakery” sign. This wasn’t a place where you’d expect to see any birds except for house sparrows or starlings, but when hummingbirds are migrating they can show up anywhere. That little bird could have been making its way as far south as Mexico.”
  • FINGER LAKES BIRDLIFE: Sandhill cranes a surprising success story – Finger Lakes Times: Lifestyle 083015
    Charlie Rouse: “One migrant bird to look for during August is the (quite uncommon) common nighthawk. As a young boy I used to watch their spring aerial courtship displays over downtown Geneva and around the hospital, where they nested on flat, gravel-covered rooftops, but those days are long gone. With the change in commercial roofing design from hot tar and gravel to rubber membrane, so went the nighthawks. These once sprawling gravel rooftops were quite inviting for nighthawks as nesting sites, where they would lay their grayish speckled eggs amongst the stones. | Charlie Rouse, of Geneva, is a past president and secretary of the Eaton Birding Society and his column appears monthly in the Finger Lakes Times. For a free checklist of the birds seen regularly in our four-county area, or to send your comments, questions and unusual sightings, email him at
  • Outdoors notebook | Numerous hunting seasons start this week | The Columbus Dispatch 083015
    Those bonded to the hunting cycle can celebrate a new year on Tuesday when open seasons for squirrels, mourning doves, Canada geese, sora and Virginia rails, common moorhen and common snipe commence in Ohio. | Early teal season begins on Saturday
    | Lake Erie Marsh Zone, Oct. 17-Nov. 1 and Nov. 14-Dec. 27. | The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has begun a streamlining process by which the guidelines that states follow for setting their fall/winter duck and goose seasons will be announced in May of each year rather than mid-summer. … USFWS has added 21 national wildlife refuges to those that may be hunted at some time during the year. Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, which sits along Lake Erie between Port Clinton and Toledo, is among the 336 federal refuges where hunting opportunities are available.
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