Internet Naturalist – November 30, 2014

  • A hawk in pigeon’s clothing « Sibley Guides 112414
    David Sibley: "I saw a Cooper’s Hawk catch a Rock Pigeon a few days ago. By itself that experience is noteworthy – a Rock Pigeon is a big bird for a Cooper’s Hawk to handle – but more remarkable was the way the attack unfolded. | I was just finishing a birding walk at a local farm. Ahead of me was a small field, recently plowed, where twenty or so Rock Pigeons were foraging on the ground. Another bird was about ten feet up and flying across the field toward the flock. I didn’t give it much thought. It was just another pigeon making the sort of relaxed, floating approach that pigeons do – or so I thought. Except that when this “pigeon” got within about five feet of the pigeons on the ground it suddenly transformed into a Cooper’s Hawk!| The pigeons all burst into flight, but much too late. The hawk was already among them and knocked one out of the air in a cloud of feathers.
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