Internet Naturalist – October 5, 2014

  • Long-tailed Jaeger! | Whitefish Point Bird Observatory 093014
    It has been an interesting 3-4 days out at the point. Before the 28th, there was very little movement for a few days. Luckily, a cold front passed through on the night of the 28th. From the 28-30 many ducks, loons, and Bonaparte’s Gulls moved through. Yesterday held the biggest highlight with an adult Long-tailed Jaeger; it’s long tail streamers still present. | Results from 9/28-2770 waterbirds: | Duck numbers and diversity were great. The list included Wood Duck (4), Gadwall (4), American Wigeon (452), American Black Duck (1), Mallard (13), Blue-winged Teal (5), Northern Shoveler (11), Northern Pintail (20), Green-winged Teal (28), Redhead (473), Greater Scaup (1051), Lesser Scaup (25), Surf Scoter (2), White-winged Scoter (7), Common Merganser (3), and Red-breasted Merganser (29). | Loons and grebes moved by in small but steady numbers. Red-throated Loon (19), Common Loon (36), Horned Grebe (18), and Red-necked Grebe (61) were recorded. | Bonaparte’s Gulls had their first push of the season. A total of 295 moved by the point. You never know what might show up with BOGU flocks but the only other species that appeared was Common Tern (2). | The evening flight was slow but three Forester’s Terns along with 31 Common Terns moved past the point.
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