Internet Naturalist – September 7, 2014

  • Jaegers | Whitefish Point Bird Observatory 090614
    The last couple days have had a number of interesting birds. Even though Adam Byrne has been counting the last couple days, I’ve spent a good amount of time out there (and much more time in the woods than I would usually be able to spend). I thought Friday was going to be a great day; it was, but the numbers were lower than I expected. The winds just didn’t shift, at the forecasted time. Storms were still rolling in, so the count didn’t start on time. The highlight was 8 jaegers during the count, 2 being close enough to identify as Parasitics. There were also 3 more jaegers after the count. | Today (9/6) was mostly sunny with WNW winds throughout the count. Birds moved through steadily, throughout most of the count. | Duck diversity was the highlight of today. American Wigeon (56), Blue-winged Teal (287), and Northern Shoveler (38) all had a good day. The first Ring-necked Duck and Redheads (25) were recorded for the count. |
  • Dabbling Ducks on the Rise | Whitefish Point Bird Observatory 090214
    Today was a fun day out on the lake. The weather was beautiful, the company was great, and quite a few birds were flying. The day started off with lots of passerine migrants coming off the lake. The resident Merlin was also enjoying these migrants; chasing each bird that came across the lake. I love Merlins, but I had to root for the underdog during these chases. | Duck diversity and numbers were the best they have been this season. Many mixed flocks were moving by throughout the morning. Gadwall (4), American Wigeon (12), Mallard (10), Blue-winged Teal (287), Northern Shoveler (20), Northern Pintain (3), Green-winged Teal (28), Canvasback (1), Greater Scaup (2), White-winged Scoter (1), Common Merganser (9), and Red-breasted Merganser (1) rounded out the list. | Loons moved by in decent numbers today. A single Red-throated and 30 Commons were recorded during the count. Red-necked Grebes had a nice day with a total of 676. Horned Grebes were also moving with a total of 17 counte
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